Alphaspace Development Blog!

Sunday 28th August 2016

Development update of the week!

Hello again fellow space travelers! My goal is to make weekly updates to this blog and here's a first short entry to get us started!

Currently I'm working loot pickups and cargobay functions during flight. In Alphaspace, cargo and loot is very important. Every enemy you shoot down may release things to pickup, like broken spaceship parts and junk or weapons or cargo the enemy ship was carrying. So while you are controlling your ship, you can open your cargo bay, move stuff around and eject stuff you dont need or want to make room for better stuff.

Today I finished opening the cargo bay, listing all items, and eject all items in a cargo slot. It's still looking a bit rough but it works! Another thing to keep in mind is that the cargo adds to the ships weight and picking up a lot of heavy cargo (like ore and metals) will make your ship harder to control. This can be countered by getting better thrusters for your ship, but if you have basic trhrusters you will notice a difference, specially if you have a small ship with a lot of cargo space.

Here's a screenshot of the cargobay in action after picking up some asteroid ore!
See you soon among the stars! / Wiley

The cargobay can be opened during flight to eject or rearrange your cargo items.

The cargobay can be opened during flight to eject or rearrange your cargo items.

Wednesday 24th August 2016

First development blog entry!

Hello world! This is the first entry to the development blog! This place is a bit empty for the moment but with time it will hopefully fill up with some juicy development progress! I wont promise regular updates, but I will try to keep ya'll posted on how the development is going from time to time so stay tuned! :D
See you soon among the stars! / Wiley