Pew pew spacehip action!

About the game!

Hello! This page is being worked on at the moment! Check back soon for more info!


Some info about the idea and motivation for building this game!

Core gameplay!

The game is divided into two main stages, the planning stage and the gameplay stage.

These thing are done during the planning stage:
  • Upgrade your ship
  • Take on missions
  • Plan your route
  • Handle/hire crew
  • Level up your character
  • Buy or sell trade goods
  • Craft weapons and equipment
During the gameplay stage you:
  • Control your ship classic schmup style
  • Shoot down enemies
  • Encounter and attack other ships
  • Pick up sweet loot and resources
  • Mine asteroids
  • Use special skills and equipment

Detailed features!

More in depth info about special features will come here!