Welcome to Alphaspace - A space shoot-em-up PC game set in an open universe!

Well hello there fellow traveller among the stars! You have reached the home of the game Alphaspace! Alphaspace is currently in development for the PC, you can check out the progress or leave comments and suggestions in the forum!

Alphaspace gameplay in a nutshell! NOTE: unfinished graphics!

1. Start in your cockpit - upgrade your ship, trade goods, take missions!

2. Plan your route in a huge universe that is new every time you play!

Upgrade your ship with new parts, weapons and other equipment!

Fly through space, blast enemies, pick up loot!

What is Alphaspace?

Alphaspace is a classic 2D space shoot-em-up set in an open universe combined with RPG elements. An interesting mix?

It's actually a mashup of some of my favourite games growing up, I loved classic space shoot-em-ups like R-Type and Gradius, but they always seemed too short with just a few levels. I also loved games like Elite where you could travel anywhere at any time.

For years I dreamt about a classic space shoot-em-up that had an open universe you could explore and play for as long as you liked! Alphaspace is that game, it combines these elements while also adding some RPG elements like character development and an epic story!

If this seems like a game you would like please give your support by telling your friends or posting ideas and suggesstions in the forum!

Early access?

My plan is to release an early access version this fall/winter for people to try out! Let me know if you're interested by sending me an email or posting in the forum!

What's the status?

Alphaspace is currently in pre-alpha. Several main function of the game has been developed, but several still remain.

These main elements are fully or partly developed:

  • Procedurally generated universe and 2D map with star systems, planets, space stations, etc
  • Course selection and travel between points
  • Different classes of Ships
  • Ship weapons and equipment system - buying and selling
  • Goods trading and cargo handling
  • Basic enemies and shooting
  • Asteroid fields and mining
  • Basic character skills
  • For PC / Steam / Win10
  • Full gamepad support
These game elements remain to be developed:
  • Missions - random generation and custom missions
  • Story - cutscenes and dialouge
  • Randomized character portraits
  • Spaceship crew
  • Full list of enemies
  • Full character skills and leveling
  • Xbox One / Mac / iOS versions